Joke Smit school

Joke Smit College 2017

About the College


The Joke Smit School is one of the most well preserved examples of the Amsterdam School, an architectural movement and style prevalent in the early 20th century. The building has been beautifully renovated including a hall of murals, lovingly restored in 2017.  I lit the murals using a combination of Mike Stoane Lighting, TTX2.70.LV, in combination with an Eutrac LEDTrac. The combination of the restored school plates with the Amsterdam School architecture together yield a unique cultural experience.



Mike Stoane Lighting, TTX2.70.LV, was used in the hall of the beautifully restored murals in Joke Smit College in 2017, in combination with an Eutrac LEDTrac



Light Design: Cor van den Brink

Photography: Astrid van den Berg